Monday, March 06, 2006

A word on Escorts

One of my favorite bloggettes, a woman who is too articulate for my own good, has another great post, this one, about escorts and terminology.

Although, here in europe, the terms are a little different, this advice is universally applicable. I will just add one thing, being an escort is not being a prostitute, there is a bit more too it.

A man who goes to an escort for sex is wasteful, some girls will do it, but I think it is wasteful to not take advantage of all an escort has to offer. They can be great company, very engaging, are usually sharp as a whip, and simply fun to be around.

I have made friends with a few escorts and they are by far the most fun people to be around. There are bad apples, and I have met a few, but generally, escorts are wonderful.

Sugasm #24

Sugasm #24

Sugasm #24

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Update 7:49pm EST March 4th. Dorky typo fixed, with apologies to BareLace and Bill Nye…

Oh the g-string, how I love thee.

I cannot imagine anything more attractive than sliding off a woman's pants, or sliding up her skirt, and seeing a g-string. Anything else is kinda a let down...

Don't give me any of that uncomfortable crap either, A single string is more comfortable than a wad of granny panty riding up your ass...or boxers...ugh.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Viva Brasileros, that's what I say.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sugasm #23

Sugasm #23

Sugasm #23

The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them, this week starting with the letter S. If you haven’t checked out the new FAQ, give it a look - it takes effect next week.

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Ecstatic Seska photo courtesy of Seska For Lovers Fresh Blog.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New French Word - Partouze

la Partouze, the orgy

Partouzer, to have an orgy


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Aria Giovanni signed photo, mmm, aria ~droolz~

Aria Giovanni signed photo

I am considering buying this, Aria Giovanni is a total goddess, this is such a subtle and beautiful pose, the woman's body is a work of art.

Betty Paige, my marilyn monroe

I think Ms. Paige represents a turning point, sexually speaking, in our culture. She is practically an Icon if not an Icon already, and there are alot of women who idolize her, and alot of men, like me, who regret not having met her, banged her or what not. (Men's minds aren't really grounded in what I like to call "reality").

Monday, February 20, 2006



Has a great post about spanking, worth reading if you want to try spanking, or just want to get inspiration :)

Jokes and Funny Pictures: Welcome to Arkansas

Jokes and Funny Pictures: Welcome to Arkansas

LMFAO, this is a great one.

Jokes and Humor Online: My Resume

Jokes and Humor Online: My Resume

This is so goddamned funny I almost fell outta my chair.

For those of you who can read french, or want to

I found this womans pervesity to be rather refreshing, her writing style is in top form, and even I had to run to my english dictionary now and then.

She is so articulate, I think I am in love, lol.

Anyway, read her site, as it is magnificent.

WARNING ADULT in more ways than one, if you aren't into erotic literature, don't read it.

Her name is anne :)

The cautionary tale of numero cinco, Melanie

Hey All

I have been so busy lately, I haven't had time to go out and make new "friends", except maybe Jezebel from Damn Jezebel, who has a great website that you should visit.

With pics like these, Jez is gonna to be the MOST famous female blogger in no time flat.

This is actually a discussion on something that happened to me in college.

This is not to brag, I actually did get a lesbian to have sex with me, with what appeared to be positive results, she has thus become Bisexual, or perhaps she was bi beforehand and only said she was lesbian.

I don't believe in heterosexuality, I don't think it exists naturally. That is, our preference is determined by two things: Genetic need to procreate, and Psyhological representation of archtypal models of love or desire.

The latter can overide the former, which cause extreme sexual preference, I.E. only women, or only men.

Most men are actually bisexual, and so are most women, however their archetypal models of the desireable pinnacle are strictly set do to social proof and situational programming.

As with all generalisations, there are a few exceptions.


Melanie was a woman that I met, fell into lust with, had sex with, make a deep seeded bond, broke that bond, and then never saw her again, all in one day.

We hit it off from the start, we were both somewhat anti-social (This was during my pseudo-bohemian starving artist days in college, I got over that real quick).

Our personalities meshed very well on the philosophical and sexual level, we were both very libertin, very out going etc, unfortunately, as I would later find out, Politics really does ruin everything, it was this that broke any possibility for a relationship.

We met at the copy machine of the college, I came over to help her fix the blasted thing, to no avail, and we started talking. We were so alike in everything, and very very bold that the conversation turned to sexuality very quickly. Not because of me, but because of her.

She was rather surprised to find out that I am bisexual, which in my small town was a rarity in and of itself, but to be open about it was practically verboten.

Soon we wound up at the local porn store, how we got there is strange. She said that she was looking for really good lesbian porn, and I offhandedly mentioned a local store with a wide selection, suddenly we were there, it's all very strange in hindsight, but at the time, heh, seemed completely normal.

After purchasing a lurid title that escapes me, something about women with strap-ons, we went back to her place and decided to watch it.

ohh, I should stop and give you a description of Melanie, so that you can picture this scene more adequately. A bi guy and a lesbian girl sitting on her bed drinking miller light and watching a blond with enormous tits fuck a redhead is strange enough, but to top it all off, Melanie was about as fit for sex as any woman I have met since. Imagine Lizzy Borden's mind in the body of Geena Davis, oh so beautiful, with a hardbody to match. The woman was so fly :) Lucky me.

Anyway, so there we are on her bed, watching porn, and all of the sudden I say to her:

"What would it take for you to let me eat you out?" (Remember, this was a question completely in line with the discussion.)

Her response was so classic that it bares repeating: "Right now? Not much." and she started to unbutton her pants.

Inside I was floored, as this woman was, well, what we normally consider untouchable, a beautiful lesbian, I shit you not!

So on the inside, I am like phreaking out at my luck, and trying to keep a cool exterior, how successful I was I don't really know, all I can say is the whole thing fast-forwarded to me halfway off the bed using a giant pink dildo on her ass and making like Beethoven on her netherworld. The dog, not the composer.

So all this is fine and good, and our freak session lasted about 2 hours(This woman too forever to cum the first time, my fault? Perhaps, I think my technique has improved, however she may have just had stamina). Once she popped, she couldn't stop, so there was no doubt when she got there, as I had to remove my shirt, she exploded, not the squirting type per se, but her legs were over my shoulders and when she went, her legs spasmed out, then curled in her pubic bone smacked my chin up and then she came down, considering the position, this was bound to happen, and all the juice and saliva that had been spread around for the last 30 minutes were added to by her wet orgasm, and then promptly transferred to my dark red shirt. I smelled strongly of sex and candy, so no way was I going to run into my mom on the way into the house with stank on my shirt.

After that, we decided to have a chat, and thats where things went south. Now that we had done the deed, we decided to branch out and talk about other things, Politics came up, and like an idiot I told her how I actually felt.

I have since learned my lesson to try to avoid as often as possible discussing anything political with anyone but myself.

Not that I don't recommend you talk politics, I am, kinda an Anarchist, but not in the "Yay! Amarchy in the U.K." or NOFX type crap, though they have good music.

I am a Cosmological Anarchist, which means I favor chaotic creations insted of ordered entropy, or hierarchical self serving systems, like governments etc.

So, obviously my ideas didn't mesh with hers.

After we were done, we parted ways on the least friendly terms that I have ever parted ways with someone in my life. I have made some enemies, but I don't think anyone hated me quite like Melanie did...

Maybe there was more to it than that, I am certain of it actually, I will never know, and am actually not too interested.


Baby Blue coverMy latest masterpiece, the Little Blue Book of Dating Secrets for Men, or “Baby Blue” as I call it. Basically, it’s a dating map, I give you a model of what to say and how to act to make sure a woman gets into your bed, that night. I don’t mess around with any of that namby pamby by her flowers and dinner then pray.

The whole Idea for the book came after I read the Girlfriend X rules of attraction ebook, which I have to say was simply the most ridiculous collection of bullshit I have ever seen. It’s amazing that guys don’t rebel against the current dating culture and see how contrived it is. Basically, going out to a club and trying to hook up is like playing roulette, the house always wins, sure you may get lucky once or twice, and hey, maybe you get lucky once of twice a week. With this book you will get lucky once or twice a day. I fuckin shit you not, this stuff is so powerful, based on NLP and generally known psychological principles. The same priniciples that advertising execs get you to buy nike, or watch Fox News etc. This stuff is concise and hard hitting!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sugasm #22

Sugasm #22

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Cafe Press book done

Hey All

I finally finished my little blue book of dating tips for guys, you should check it out ... I may offer an eBook download, but I hate having to manage files etc...too much work.

It's 83 pages, mostly patterns to use to make a connection, make a woman aroused etc.

/don juan jr.